Thanks to all participants

On behalf of the hosting team, I’d like to thank all participants for their participation during this Overture Network meeting in Rotterdam. Although the Dutch OV-chipkaart wasn’t a big success for everybody and returning home wasn’t always easy, I think, we all look back to a very successful meeting. Currently we are writing the reports, which we will post soon online.

I’m looking forward to meet you all in Edinburgh, where Graham and his team will host the next meeting.

Thanks to all of you for everything you’ve shared and all the positive energy you gave to all of us!


what to bring to Rotterdam?

  • Sheets, pillow, sleeping bag. The venue will have beds. And of course everything else you need when you come for a weekend.
  • Be ready for a 5-10 minutes introduction of your organization. Who are you, what have you reached and what are you working on. You can use whatever presentation-technique you want. If you have more information like flyers, booklets ets, you’ll be able to show them during the weekend
  • A presentation of a project you‘ve done or you are planning to do, to lower the thresholds to make scouting more accessible
  • A small game you can play with the whole group
  • Some local snacks or drinks to share with everybody during the international evening on Friday evening (a small kitchen with cooking materials and fridge is available)
  • walking shoes and a rain jacket for the trip to Rotterdam